Tired of cities but I’ll make an exception for you, Santiago 🗻 (at Barrio bellavista! Santiago Chile)
Last day in the Andes before heading back to Santiago and onto the next adventure…💙 (at Vale Nevado - Chile)
Chile, you have my heart. (at Vale Nevado - Chile)
Such a great day… I won’t be able to walk tomorrow but I just may be able to get up and do it all again in the name of living life to the fullest. And hey, s’long as you’re smiling 😊❄️ (at Valle Nevado)
Every single one of you. So happy to share this solo journey around the world with so many people from all around the world. Hopefully I can meet some more of you as I go along 💗 so tell me, where should I come visit next?
Snow 🐰 (at Valle Nevado)
Bliss 😍 just arrived at Valle Nevado for a weekend away! Chile, I’m in love! (at Valle Nevado)
Exploring Santiago and finding so much beauty. 8 months on the road and it feels like only yesterday I was packing everything I owned into a suitcase. To be honest, I could probably do this exploring thing forever. 💗 (at Santiago centro, Chile)
Hola Santiago 😍😍 (at Santa Lucía Hill)
Thanks for being real, Rio. Don’t forget to be thankful today! There’s always someone out there worse off than you…💫 (at Escadaria Selarón)
Probably the best sunset I’ve ever been witness to! I love you Rio 😍😍 @contiki #noregrets you can view my bucket list on worldofwanderlust.com - let me know your suggestions if you have any places to add! (at Sugarloaf Mountain)
Be thankful for where you are, what you have, and who is with you. Today I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel the world and experience how different we all are… But I’m also very grateful for the place I still call home. Exploring a favela in Rio has been a strong reminder that even in very developed nations there are large amounts of disparity (something I have never been oblivious to having a degree in International Relations, but being educated by a text book vs. Educating yourself with reality are very different things). The Message? Always be thankful for what you have…. And give with an open heart ❤️ (at Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)
Exploring Lapa 💃 (at Lapa- Rio De Janeiro)
Watching the sun set over Rio from sugarloaf mountain 😍 what an amazing amazing day…. Feeling SO thankful for this life travelling the world. @contiki #noregrets (at Sugarloaf Mountain)
Pinch me. 😍 Rio de Janeiro finally ticked off the bucket list @contiki #noregrets