Berlin from my office window☺️ day 1 as an expat! I’m off to hit up the supermarket, join a gym, find some yoga classes, and explore my neighbourhood!
Watch the magic of Finland unfold every day for the next week new posts on (at Oulanka National Park)
Don’t have anyone to go with? Go alone. See the world - no excuses! (at Lake Saimaa)
Last night I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights! I was however in a slight predicament without my camera or tripod, so here’s a regram of last nights’ show. They were so strong they were even seen in Helsinki! 😍 photo by @janiylinampa (at Happy little lady)
An Australian in Finland……….
Having fun with colours on my latest adventure in the Lakes District, Finland (at Linnansaari National Park)
Could have stayed here for close to forever. 💫 #Finland (at Oulanka National Park)
Falling in love with Finland.
Magic in Lapland❄️❄️ (at Oulanka National Park)
Authentic. #worldofwanderlust in #Finland (at Oulanka National Park)
Being a menace with the boys… Off-roading in Lapland 😁🌲 (at Ruka Kuusamo)
Down river…. 🚣 this. is. Finland. (at Oulanka National Park)
Down river…. 🚣 this. is. Finland. (at Oulanka National Park)
Playing with Tihru - 😍☺️ (at Ruka)
I haven’t seen my dog in 10 months so I tend to go just a little weak at the knees whenever I get the chance to play with anyone else’s ☺️😊 thanks for letting me play with your 207 huskies Susi!!!!!