Looking over death road ready to start the journey down 😳🚲
La Paz, Bolivia. Not the easiest country or city to travel solo but so far so good.. I could take street photos all day every day here… If it weren’t unsafe to be donning a Canon 60D around my neck. So inspired tho 🙌🎊 (at La Paz - Bolívia)

Ellerman House, Cape Town, South Africa

The Architecture of Happiness

New Dehli

It might be tiring, challenging, frustrating and occasionally frightening… But it is always exciting. In case you missed the news, this whole year of solo travel is being documented in my forthcoming book, “A year to myself”… More deets coming soon!
Goodbye Easter Island! ✈️ you were amazingly refreshing for the soul. Took some time to unwind and switch off. Exciting few weeks ahead, next stops » Bolivia, Spain, London!
Stoked to finally tick this off the destination list 🙌🗿 @exploratravel (at Easter Island/Rapa Nui)

i want nothing more than to live here